The Joy of Rejection

Did you like that title?
Well, ignore it, its crap.
There is no joy of rejection - at this point please remember I am a reformed Life Coach.
I could positive spin the whole situation but I'm not going to.
Rejection stinks!!

I have spent a lot of time writing and preparing two articles for a HUGE international newspaper. The last one I sent was brilliant, I was very impressed with me. But to cut a long story short, it got rejected.

I got rejected. 
Where's the joy in that?

People can tell you until their blue in the face that: it'll all happen, you'll get published soon, success is around the corner, etc etc blah blah whittle prattle tosh.

And to be fair I know this. I will be successful (by successful I mean rich, but same difference)
But just like a toddler that you've put a healthy meal in front of, I want pudding!

I don't want to eat steamed vegetables and fish (keep up: analogy of struggling writer) I want the nice bit, I want the best part. 
I want pudding!

Any hoo, at least I'm supported and loved at home. 

When my daughter found out I had had the article rejected she looked at me and said "what! again???" with a screwed up, totally unimpressed facial expression.

Yeah cheers love, you're such a help.


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