The Evolution of Mothers Day

My favourite mothers days will always be the ones when the children were little. The school assemblies where most of the ensemble had their two front teeth missing. 
Who couldn't love 30 children all singing and lisping 'I love you mummy!'

Ahh, then there were the crappy presents and cards. 
I have kept all the home made cards, with their badly drawn daffodils on the front and the writing in crayon. bless.

One year my daughter was obsessed with getting out into the garden early one mothers day, she wanted to drawn on the pavement outside our back door. (spelt wrong)

I loved those mothers day, they were so sweet and exciting and snugly special.

Now jump forward to present day.
Yesterday my teenage boy didn't get out of bed until nearly lunchtime then he barely managed a "mornin" grunt. 
My daughter said 'happy mothers day' but then went straight back to listening to her iPod.

I waited until gone 12 'O' clock to get my presents and cards, not that I'm bothered, my children are always telling me how much they love me and me them. 
It was just weird that I didn't get coffee and choccy biscuits in bed (or all over the bed as I recall).

They're growing up, which is lovely and I'm so proud and happy but..... sometimes I do miss when they were my little 6 year olds and they would hug me and whisper 'your the bestest mummy in the whole wide world.'

Anyway, Happy Mothers day to all mothers with children of all ages.x


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