Daughters Success But How English!

My daughter has done amazingly well since she started her Secondary school only 18 months ago.

It's such a far cry from the sad and frightened little girl that was diagnosed with mental health problems at 8 years old (I shall be telling her full story soon).

She has gone from a child who was way below the national standard, in her SATS, when she entered her secondary school to a young lady that has just got an A* in her latest Geography exam. She is achieving in every single subject at school, she has a huge group of friends and she attends all the after school clubs. 
She now wants to join a singing/drama school in her spare time.

The school is brilliant. They seemed to see the potential in her that her primary school didn't.

Her primary school put her on the 'can't do it/won't do it' table which was a shame because she obviously could do it!

How many other alleged 'special needs' children are categorised badly? 
This is one of my major gripes with the labelling of children so young. Labels are great if something comes out of it, not just an excuse for the world to give up on these children.

Anyway....I'll get off my soapbox and go back to the story, 
here's the 'So English' part:
As a reward and recognition for her "outstanding progress" she has been invited to have tea and cakes with the Head Mistress of the school.

So quaint, so English, so lovely and SOOOOOOO deserved.

When done my little Miss, keep up the amazing work.
As always, I continue to be very proud of you! xxx


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