Sales Women Lied

'Oh My God ! You're having a laugh, That's disgusting'

This was my reply whist on the phone to the new house builders head office.

It turns out we were lied to by the Saleswoman at the new house we viewed last weekend.
What a blatant cheek - You can reserve a new house for £500
She told us 10% - £27K
Who has £27k in their account and can pay that amount immediately on the spot?

I had had a suspicion whilst talking to one of my brothers who had bought a couple of new houses in the past and he had said that he thought it was a ridiculously high amount to reserve a property and that I should double check.

I had rang the head office and spoke to a lovely chap who then transferred me to the regional sales office to verify what he had said. The regional chap verified that £500 reserves and property and he was sorry I had been given false information.

Sorry ! No, that's not good enough - Why had she done that?

Had she looked at my husband and I and decided that we didn't look like we could afford the property?
Granted we hadn't dressed posh for the occasion but who tarts themselves up to go on a building site?I was livid to say the least.

I started looking again at the site plan via their website. I was perusing our lovely new house when I spotted something odd.
On the companies site plan it has grey areas, some for future development by themselves and some by other home builders.
I started checking other companies site plans and I pieced together the site map as a whole and made quiet an alarming discovery.

The area behind our 'Dream House' was unallocated. 
Companies in the UK have a terrible habit of building the homes first and then an ugly industrial estate gets added after, or a huge retail park.

Turns out, our 'Dream home' backs directly on to this area. Whatever they plan to build there in the future would only directly affect us and another 4 homes on this huge housing estate.
Had the saleswoman told us to reserve the house for £500, we would have done it immediately and I wouldn't have been looking at these site plans.

Needless to say I am no longer angry, instead, I am extremely grateful.

Maybe this saleswoman was a snob and thought we had no money or maybe she was an angel who saved us from spending a fortune on a home that would only bring us misery?

Who knows? but it has definitely turned out for the best.

Our plans now are to stay where we are and rent out the mother in laws home for a while. House prices are growing in the UK so that's a positive.

We just feel like we've had a huge lucky escape.

It's a funny old world isn't it.


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