House Sale Fever

Yesterday we went and viewed the new build houses.
It was just Poppy, Kev and myself as Brett still isn't allowed out in public due to the infection risk, he's still classed as post transplant.

The house I had wanted was sold so we looked at a cheaper version.All I can say is:

WOW !! 

We went around the house saying repeatedly to one another 'Oh Yes, how lovely, Oh Yes, Wow!'
It was beautiful. 
Hubby gave the nod of approval and off we bounced to the sales office.

There was a sales lady waiting with that bloody pin again to burst my bubble.
All, but two houses, were already sold.

'But they only went on sale two weeks ago?' I whined
'Yes but they are all nearly gone' smiled the lady (a little bit too smugly for my liking)

Then, we realised one of the two that are left are the one very one we want - peachy!! 

Here comes that pin again, we needed to put down 10% just to secure the house and then have to exchange contracts within 28 days.

Damn - we have two houses to sell - our own and the mother in laws.

The home builder will buy our home but not the other one.
Cue, major downer -

Hey Ho - What cha gonna do?
We will put the other house on the market and hope in the future they will be building some more houses.

Unless we get a miracle...


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