Law Of Attraction and the Betting Slip

Today I am playing with Law of Attraction.

As mentioned in a previous blog, I have found a new build house I simply adore but can't afford.

I love to play with Law Of Attraction.
With LOA you see and feel things as they would be if it was already done.

I have been walking around my new 'house' and having parties and fun in it for over a week now.

I have decided what stuff will come with us and what stuff will need to go. I have mentally cleared the garage out and cupboards which are packed with heavens knows what!

A few days ago I asked my husband to get me a football accumulator betting slip.
I have never been in a betting shop myself but I understand that you just chose whether the teams will win at home or away or draw.

I sat this morning buzzing about my new house and then filled in the betting slip. 

When I was finished my husband and son teased me over my predictions.
Apparently a lot of my results are highly unlikely.
I hadn't read the teams but just filled in where I thought the little marks should go.

By tonight I will know if my little £1 game has resulted in my new house.

I'll keep you posted. - Eppp Exciting or what !


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