It Didn't Go to Plan

Well I don't own that house ...yet.

I lost the bet :(

Kev came home from the betting shop laughing.
Apparently if all my scores had come up on the accumulator I had done, I would have won £2,431,761.43

That obviously confirms I don't know a lot about football or betting for that matter.

At one point this afternoon all my scores were correct - Ha !

The boys were happy, shocked and totally indignant. 

Come on, a little woman shouldn't be able to predict results people.

Luckily for them by full time I only had 6 results out of 16.

I was very sad, but the boys were relieved I think.
We had lost nearly 2 1/2 million but they had kept their - we know football sweetie - attitude.

I will get that house, its so much fun playing this game.

Watch this space.


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