Do The Maths

Yesterday I was bored.

The boys and my daughter (traitor) were watching football in the living room, an activity which happens most days in my house.
I get the choice of either watching it quietly (my husband simply refuses to explain the off side rule again) or to go and do something else.
I normally opt for the 'do something else'.

I was sitting at the computer and for some very strange reason I typed in the name of a well known British house building company, only to find they are currently building new homes less than a mile away from our house. 

To be honest, I probably was vaguely aware. 

There had been an old factory demolished some years back and there were some houses built then but they weren't in a great place. 
Now the development has grown all the way to my locality and suddenly I'm interested.

We are not looking for a new house (see my previous blog) house buying in January is stupid, I was just being nosey on their website - which was itself a stupid thing to do.... because I've found a house I really want.

I picked out a very nice top of the range 4 bedroom home. Well, its not the top, just second from top.
I seriously enjoyed 'walking' around that house via computer.

I was having a shower this morning when it dawned on me that we could afford it.

That house could be ours!
It is perfect - 
Its close to Poppy's school (ish)  a slightly longer walk by 3 minutes or so.
Its still close to my lovely family
Its still close to hospitals and we wouldn't even have to move doctors.

Oh yes!

I could hardly contain my excitement when I got downstairs to explain the financial reasoning to my husband and just WHY we could afford it.

He listened and didn't say much, he just kept nodding and staring at me whilst I prattled on:

We deserve this house.
We so deserve a fresh start and a nice house after everything we've been through.
It interferes with nothing or nobodies lives, its just perfect.
We can start afresh with a new house that has a pure vibration - no one else has lived in it.
And nothing to do on it for years (my clever sales pitch now- my husband hates DIY)

Kev finally said - "Go back to the money part"

I cleared my throat - He's interested I can tell epppp:

"Well, we have a mortgage on this place that transferable so we can just move it to the new house
so with the mortgage and what we make on this place when we sell, that leaves us about £10K short - that's all £10K"

Hubby smiled and said those killer words:

"You've added on the mortgage like savings not deducted it like the debt that it is"

I stood there opened mouthed realising he had the pin that had just burst my bubble.

Damn - 

We'd gone from £10K short to £100K short. Stupid decimal point!

He added sweetly that we could still go and look at the new houses.

All this and you wouldn't think I worked in a bank for 8 years, 

no wonder I became a Life Coach. x


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