New Year Resolutions The Best Advice

Yes 2013 is here
Happy New Year

If you've come to this blog looking for life changing advice, you have come to the right place.
I have the best free advice of any life coaching site on the web.
I can change your life by encouraging you to change your mind.
What do you want?
A better job?
Lose weight?
Find that someone special?
Quit smoking?
Get fit?
Move house?

Well he's the first life changing step guaranteed to make 2013 your best year ever.

Do Nothing

Yep life changing huh ?!

The real subject of this blog is to reach out to people across the world and to implore them to do nothing.
Do Not Set New Years Resolutions

They are nothing short of a marketing ploy to help the world wide economies recover from the slump after Christmas.

People are broke yet still waste money on the latest exercise DVDs that then sit on the shelf gathering dust. Or people sign up for a years worth of gym membership and never go back again - not a total waste of money you did get a new towel out of it.

Look at the facts about our real wishes, let's review the list again.

New job - most companies don't advertise their new vacancies until at least the end of January start of February. You will have had 3 weeks of depressed looking by then.

Lose weight - you're fat because you eat too much and move too little. (like me)
So what do you do? Join a slimming club and try and eat platefuls of lettuce when its freezing and you really want a curry or decided to start running regularly round the park the winter the cold and the rain.
How long is that going to last really?

Find that someone special? If you haven't found them after all those drunken Christmas parties your not going to now, are you? Everybody is indoors.

Quit Smoking - Four reasons why that's doomed to failure - cold, miserable, broke, bored.
Hardly conducive to kick an addiction.

Get Fit - See lose weight

Move House - the only people who have their houses on the market over Christmas are the desperate or the insane.
The desperate's own houses that weren't sold last year (which says it all) and the insane will have wood chip on the wall and a brown bathroom suite and still want above market value.
All the best houses are the ones that are placed on the market in the spring.

So, my advice is simple.
Let all your friends run around like sad little headless chickens. Getting injured fatter, broker and grumpy and just kick back and enjoy the TV with some left over chocolates.

Change happens when your ready and motivated not when some mass marketing machine tells you too.


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