Junior Doctors the Grim Reaper and It.

There is a phenomena that I have witnessed over the many years I have spent in hospitals.
It's the curse of the junior doctor.

A quiet chorus of groans can be heard ripping across the wards when the newbie doctors arrive.
You can spot a newbie doctor a mile off regardless of their age.

The signs vary from the smell of fear oozing out off their pores to their wide eyed rabbit in a headlight stare, or my personal favourite the, I know everything, over confident Dr Arrogant swagger.
I love watching Dr Arrogant fall. They always do.

Now I'm not saying its easy to be a doctor because it's not.
I'm not saying that our doctors shouldn't be allowed to learn in a safe supportive environment.
The trouble is most wards aren't safe environments.
Oncology wards especially, are full of vulnerable children who can get seriously ill in a very short time.

So unfortunately as a new doctor walks in, my mind dresses him/her immediately as the Grim Reaper. They are potentially more deadly then a pit of poisonous snakes.

Equally though, I can spot a good doctor within a few minutes. They exhibit signs of greatness and you know one day they will be a wonderful doctor, they have 'it'

Its a bit like watching a reality talent show, you don't have to be Simon Cowell to spot someone with 'it'

I can't even describe or name what 'it' is, but I do wish I could bottle it, I'd be rich.

'It' doctors aren't afraid to say they don't know but will get back to you (and do)
They give eye contact, speak to ask you lots of questions, listen more than they talk and most importantly know they don't know it all.
Yes Dr Arrogant I am talking to you! Take note.

Generally I am as forgiving as I am wary of junior docs. I will help and guide any doctor that deserves it.
'it' doctors know that mums know their children very well and will gladly 'ask is he ok on this/that drug?'.

Dr Arrogant thinks he can learn everything from a book And discounts anything and everything a mum says.

Dr Meek and frightened needs encouragement to even ask questions so they get lots of 'well dones' off the parents, because you've got to nurture them - they may be meek now but under that persona they could be brilliant.

Dr Arrogant is the most deadly of the newbie doctor species.
Mainly because they never think they can do anything wrong. But often do.
Dr Arrogant will pass of any short coming as a rare event or preferably someone else's fault.

Have to go now .... The junior doctor has just come into the room and needs to know where to rest his Scythe.


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