Think of something

Law of attraction has many weird side effects once you start practicing it.
Today for example, in Brett's bubble room in HDU we have a huge white board. It's for writing what time you poured a drink (he has one hour to drink it before it has to be thrown away) what his weight is etc

I decided we would have a thought of the day on it.
So far we have
Xbox is really fun - who knew?!
And one Brett put:
Our German donor is our blessing.

Whilst thinking of some other things to write I couldn't stop thinking of the Dodo bird. Don't ask me why?! Maybe it's the fumes from all those alcohol wipes.
I decided against using the Dodo bird as its extinct - we don't need references to death, not the funny uplifting way I wanted to go.

After swapping at the hospital with Kev I decided to pop in for a coffee with my parents. As I walked into their living room I noticed they were watching an antiques programme and on the screen was a man proudly showing some beautiful pencil drawn pictures ....
One of which was of a Dodo bird.

Weird. Very weird.


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