Law of attraction and low energy beings

It's strange when life is really hard, just how many other things go wrong as well.

Truthfully It's not strange, it's the law of attraction.
Like energy attracts like energy.

Thats why good things happen to bad people (coz they're really happy being scum)
The rich grow richer, and so on.

Why does life kick you when your down?
Simply because you're feeling down.

Be it something you can change such as being made redundant - just get a new job
Or something you can't change like a family member being dangerously ill or dying.
Everyone has times in their life when things go wrong and they feel down.
Even the most powerfully aware law of attraction convert will get sucked down.

Its totally unrealistic to think you can keep upbeat and energised everyday of your entire life.
If you think your going to attend your parents funeral laughing and giggling you may need to see someone in a white coat.

I am in a life slump - sons transplant.
Its scarily terrifying.
Be brave and keep smiling I tell myself.
But on a deeper level, a subconscious level my being is aware of feeling low.
It's all part of the contrast. You can't have up unless you have down.

This is the time when you attract low energy beings. You are suddenly on their level and they will come crawling out of the woodwork like the pathetic little cockroaches they are.

Half the battle is to be aware of your energy.
Also, don't take things too personally.
The grumpy shop assistant that's serving you half heatedly in the shop is on the same energy level as you. That's why you got her but she may live her entire life like that. That could be her everyday experience. At least you know your slump is temporary.
The washing machine that's just broke isn't out to get you. Nor the fridge or the car.

In all life lows:
Try and get help. Ask a trusted friend or relative to take over any issues that are a push too far. Don't hold on to anything that you can release.

Don't seek revenge, that's low level being talk.
Delegate and let go.

Next, accept offers of help. When life is really hard it's often easier to push people away. But try to accept genuine offers of help and support.
It can be really strange to accept help when your the type of person who normally gives it.
Receive all blessings with love and thanks, that way a moment of perceived weakness can be turned into a moment of gratitude and that is very beneficial to your energy levels.

Finally I cannot emphasise enough the power of meditation.
Low energy times are managed best by switching off the brain. Turn off the incessant stream of chatter and go within.
You don't even need to fully meditate. Just focus on your breathing and shhhh the mind. Silence is healing and you can do that anywhere.

When you are attracting low energy beings remember, you will rise up again.
They're stuck in that murky gutter that they call their life.


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