How Could I ?

I have had a very bad day.

It started early this morning when my daughter Poppy decided she still felt unwell.

She had been absent from school yesterday and seemed much better today.
So I sent her back to school with the parental get out clause of "see how you go? if you feel poorly later on, go and see your school nurse"

Poppy was exceedingly unimpressed!

She stropped out the house without a goodbye and slammed the door behind her.

The joys of parenting.

It was about 15 minutes later that I received a text from Poppy, it read:

I still feel ill
and I have to say thank you
to the worlds Bastard parents.

I was so angry! How dare she swear at me.

I am not a bastard parent, I am a good one (most days)

I spent the rest of the day fuming and planning what punishment I was going to inflict on her when she came home.

She was sent home at lunchtime as the school nurse agreed she was actually unwell - Damn! 

It was a bad parenting call then sending her to school today ?! 
Well that doesn't matter as much as the TEXT

I started my angry speech telling Poppy how disgusted and disappointed I was to receive such a text from her that morning.

She replied in defence that it was 'nothing more than I would do'

The barefaced cheek - I thought

I continued to say that although I have been using more swear words lately, it was a side to my character that I liked the least and I was certainly trying to stop it.
I did not wish for her to copy me and I did not use them aimed at people, Especially people I cared about.

Poppy thought for a moment and said - show me the text I sent to you that contained a swear word

I grabbed my phone and triumphantly showed her the offending article.

Poppy started to smile and very calmly said:

"Please go and collect your new glasses from the opticians as that text says - Worlds bestest parents -
I was simply being sarcastic."

Sorry Poppy......again

Needless to say I have grounded myself for two weeks and I'm not allowed to use the internet :(


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