Jehovah a Push Too Far

As any Life Coach will know the art of being completely non-judgemental is a major factor in the coaching training.
I had always prided myself on my ability not to judge people.

Maybe its because I spent parts of my childhood in different countries? 
I was only 4 years old when we lived in South Africa and 10 years old when we spent 2 years in Norway.
I spent many of my formative years surrounded by people of different cultures, colours and religions. I also experienced what it feels like to be 'a foreigner' in another country.

So spiritually I felt I had this lesson licked.
Life had other plans as usual.

I have had a very good friend whom I met years ago.  My children were only small so I worked in the evening as a waitress (I have many different jobs on my CV and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up). 
She was my supervisor and we hit it off immediately.
She was a single parent with one disabled child. Even when I left the job we remained firm friends for years after, that is until recently.

The problem is my son has Leukaemia and she turned Jehovah Witness.
The Jehovah's got to her son first, saying that he was disabled because of wrong doings in a previous life and if he repented now, then he will be able-bodied in his next life
The whole thing repulsed me but each to their own, I thought.

She converted a little while ago, my heart sank when I read on the text 'it won't effect us' but I sensed it would eventually.

Leukaemia and Jehovah - not bad in itself.
Blood transfusions and Jehovah - big problem.

The first (and last) sign of any problem between my friend and I, was during a text conversation.
Brett had been admitted to hospital and needed 2 litres of blood as well as platelets as his levels were dangerously low. The doctors were unable to administer two litres of blood as that was a risk factor in itself. So he was just having three units of blood and then the doctors were going to order more blood for the next day.

During our conversation my friend texted 'they don't have to use blood there are artificial blood products you know, blood is sacred'
Artificial blood products !!!!!!!! my son would die if they messed around with that rubbish - if they are so effective why do so many Jehovah witness's die when a transfusion would save their life? 
Blood isn't sacred people are !!

With all that in mind, I did the honerable thing. I simply sighed and deleted her number. I have never spoke to her since, she texted once more and I never replied.
I wasn't going to fall out with her and I wasn't in a place to row religion with her because after everything that's happened I still believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.

I finally met my non judgemental challenge and failed. 
Jehovah Witness aren't bad people, I'm just not willing to discuss anything with them and I am not willing to listen to them, I don't want to talk to them and they are not welcome at my door.
There, I am judgemental after all, go figure. 


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