Does Spam Really Work?

I've been doing a lot of clearing up, organising and tidying as Brett's transplant process starts next week.
This will entail at least 7/8 weeks away from the home.

Not away totally because my husband and I swap daily but as history has taught us, you don't feel like doing anything but the basics when you do arrive wearily home.

So today's tasks were things of a paper nature. 

Checking bank statements (I really can't remember what I bought last week let alone 3 months ago! so that was a very quick process)
Sorting out niggly queries such as one very famous company who has owed me £30 since July. 
I have tried to sort it on many occasions but I was always fobbed off with 'refunds take a while to come through'
Well today's email started with a tart remark from myself saying 'I'm sure your system doesn't take 4 months and if it does then you really need to upgrade it to the system that TAKES the money, as you do THAT within 24 hours'
I have received a reply assuring me that Susie is on the case.

I eventually came to the tedious job of reviewing (deleting) emails.

Now I don't know about you but I find it difficult to do a mass delete without first having a quick scour to ensure I wont be deleting something of major importance.
Unfortunately all I had was a thousand emails containing general rubbish that I had signed up for and a ton of emails that I must certainly had not.

I am most certain I have no need for Viagra, Canadian or any other countries for that matter.
I don't need to reclaim my PPI (surely there can't be anyone left in the world who needs to claim their PPI back?)
I don't want debt management advice and even if I did I wouldn't take it from a spam email.
Same as above with regards to the health advice !? Would anyone?
And no thank you, I don't want to join your casino, bingo site, bookmakers, on line gambling establishment.

Why would anyone take these faceless people up on their most helpful offers of gambling, illegal drugs, loans with excruciating APR's? (proving only that loan sharks have learnt to type)

On the other hand I have apparently won £10,000 in a competition that I don't even remember entering and all I have to do is send them my name, address, date of birth, and bank details.

Maybe Spam isn't so bad after all.


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