50 Shades of Do Me A Favour

I have just finished reading 50 shades of Grey. 
Actually that's a lie, I got half way through, got bored and read the last 3 pages.

I have read a few 'mummy porn' books when I was younger so the subject matter wasn't the problem and E.L.James is a good writer so this is not a dig at her.

It's more to do with me and my view of the world around us.
The book is about a rich man who meets a young innocent girl whose just graduated from school and he wants to control her in every way. Sex, clothes food etc.

The book really grated on me from a great height.
Considering this book has gone worldwide and is talked about hysterically in many women's circles isn't anyone else bothered?
I don't know how the trilogy ends because I cant be bothered to read them but the fact that a controlling man, weak woman book has taken the world by storm saddens me.

In today's world, women seem to be going backwards not forward. 
A lot of girls today have high aspirations for themselves after college (if they get there).
Unfortunately the aspirations consists of boob jobs, lip enhancements and botox.
Girls talk about how to become an 'it' girl, or how to marry a footballer or singer.

Oh my god, I cannot believe the subject of 'marrying well' still exists.
A girl marrying a financial secure man, a doctor, lawyer, banker is still seen as a wonderful thing.
Marrying well should be the meeting of like minds, personalities, friendship and shared vision for the future not on a "yes dear" basis
Where are the girls who want to be doctors lawyers bankers?
Those are the girls I salute.
Never has it been so easy for woman to be whatever they want to be, equality is a given right for women today, unlike 50 years ago.

Self esteem still seems to revolve around our waist circumferences rather then  our intellects.

Looks matter a bit but knowledge is real power. Self confidence is infectious. Self worth is paramount in this world.

I'm not mad at the book but saddened that that's all the mass majority of women seem to want out of life. 'Lead me' rather than develop, grow and be the leaders.


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