Spiritual Journey and the Gremlin Thing

I am on some weird, spiritual journey. 
I'm not sure when it started but I know I am definitely on one.
I am going to tell a true story and I'll probably be committed shortly after but here goes:

OK, I have been reading a lot of whacking type books - 

No disrespect guys but as a very logical scientific person, reading books on healing and spirit stretches my belief system a tad.
(well a ton if I'm honest)

So, any hoo, I have been trying to become a healer - 

(Oh come on! wouldn't you if your child had cancer ....AGAIN !?!?!?!)

I so dream of being able to put my hands above his sick body and be able to heal the cancer and side effects away - 

and not just for him either, for every single cancer child I have ever heard of, let alone met.

These kids go through atrocities just for the chance to live and some (I know  many) have been tortured for years only to die in the end, and I cant help but ask WHY? 

Its SO unfair.

I would love to be able to post a 'X Y Z type post' saying:

I did this and that and Brett was healed - Its a Miracle!!!

See, I know miracles exist and 
I'm not very religious, I'm just observing the people I've met and the countless stories I've heard 
'he/she should be dead but he/she pulled through, even the doctors don't know why'

And I mean I've heard ALOT of these stories.- 

I should know because Brett has been one of them...numerous times.

Anyway - I started expecting synchronicity - apparently you have to not only expect it but welcome it -

I must say good results and fun results (its a whole other blog really)
And then I started expecting to see, hear and feel spirit -

Here's the crux of the story, I was in hospital with Brett, we were in our bay 

(A bed space divided by curtains between us and the next cancer kid).
Brett was asleep and our bay was in darkness but you can never get full darkness because the corridor beyond the curtain is fully lit.
I was just relaxing doing my 'expecting sprit' and to be honest I was thinking 'this is a load of sh..' 
when I looked down to the bottom of Brett's bed and saw a 3 1/2 ft Gremlin type thing looking at Brett's charts.
And yes I said 'Looking'!!!!
This 'thing' looked like a doctor reviewing what Brett's stats were like.

It was white coloured and kind of see-through, it was nodding as if in approval, then it looked straight at me and disappeared.

I was so shocked I nearly fell off my chair, every hair on my body stood up and .... yes.. I thought .....I am going crazy.

I didn't sleep for hours after.

The weird thing was, I wasn't scared at all, in fact I wanted this thing to come back ... I sensed this 'thing' was OK. I liked this 'thing'.

Maybe it is more knowledgeable then earth bound doctors, maybe it whispers in the ears of earthbound doctors....
I so am intrigued.... 
and NO! for the love of toffee

Sheesh, its like no one has seen a Gremlin type thing before. x


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