Compassion Verses the Bitch Slap

As I said per my previous blogs, I am trying to go down a more spiritual path.
I am reading a lot of books that are way out of my comfort zone.
I have done all the 'science of change' type books for years and I am now veering more toward spirituality type things .

I know I have a new dedicated cancer blog, but this story is relevant here:

I was staying in the teenage cancer unit last week, with my son. 
I was in the midst of a book on Buddhism, particularly about the Dalai Lama's take on modern day life and how Buddhism can enrich our modern day experience.

The real problem I faced was that there was a newbie cancer family nearby and the mum was really pissing me off.

Big time!

"Let it go they're new" I thought to myself, repeatedly.
I kept trying to settle down to my read my book and each time I would hear another comment which made every hair on my body stand up in anger.

"I'm gonna punch this bitch's lights out in a minute" said a very angry side of me.

The problem I had was I felt the mum was taking personal ownership of the cancer experience.

"Hello !!!! excuse me!!!
This is your CHILD'S journey, not yours.
You don't have cancer, You're not maybe going to die, or suffer atrocities and have immense suffering, that's your child's path....your just a traveller whose forced to walk along side and watch."

Get a grip Bitch!

This mum was seeking all the sympathy and Getting it!!! 


My blood pressure was soaring, I was thinking very evil thoughts towards this woman
"I'm gonna blow in a minute" I kept thinking, "Stop fucking crying and talk to your child" Grrrrr

I was busy containing my anger, when I realised the chapter I was trying so hard to read was on compassion.

Compassion is easy in text format, 

Compassion is easy in knowledge and understanding, yes yes yes.

It's in practise when life is really tough that compassion sucks.

I didn't kill the woman but I did put the book away for a while.

Maybe that was all the compassion I could give?

"I'm not gonna kill ya, Im just gonna ignore you...."

emm I don't think so somehow.


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