Benefit Bull

The benefit system is a raw nerve to many UK citizens.

Here in the UK there is a wonderful benefits system (which is very sadly abused)
The benefits system is probably one of the main reasons we attract so many people into our country. 
The idea that you can sit on your fat backside whilst having a roof paid for and all your needs met, seems extremely desirable to a lot of folk (home and abroad)
Our amazing benefits system was set up to ensure the poor didn't die!

If you were poor you went to the workhouse, some poor sods were born and died in the workhouse.

As the name suggests it was a house that you worked in, just to get a very basic feed, and live a dreadful existence - Not a life at all.
Our city's workhouse still remains to this day.

My grandma would quake at the mere mention of the workhouse.
So much so, she once refused to go to hospital as she was convinced it was just the workhouse renamed.
"once you go in you never come out" she would say.

The benefit system was set up to help people get out of the workhouse (and not die.)

The idea was, once you had secured employment and a room to live in, your tax and national insurance payments that were taken out of your wages, would replenish the 'pot' therefore enabling others to be helped in the same way.

As I mentioned, the system is being badly abused by the lazy and liars of our communities, so much so, its becoming increasingly hard for NORMAL people to get benefits 

Strangely infuriating when you consider the people asking for help and being declined, are often the very people that have filled the 'pot' up for years previously

Our benefits only help - 

Foreigners - Its their human right to live in a 3 million pound house in London,with a massive weekly handout for them and their 17 children and the sick grandparents they brought into the country with them, but if you mention it, you will be accused of racism!

Work shy, lazy, no hopers - generations of people who aspire to nothing more than satellite TV, the latest copy of a celebrity rag mags and enough money to get plastered when ever possible (drunk),  So so very sad.

Dodgy disabled - I am not referring to the REAL disabled people because they deserve all the help they can get, No I'm talking about the people claiming a million different benefits for their bad back and who are later caught on camera refereeing a football game - shame on you.

I am from an honest hard working family, so you can guess the amount of help we have got....

My mother was refused a blue badge (it lets you park in disabled bays closer to shops) 
Official Verdict - because she's not ill enough -
She has COPD after having serious case of double pneumonia, and cant walk very far without becoming seriously breathless, which is ruining her and my father's life

Official Verdict - she's not ill enough,

Strange, because her consultant's letter said she was but who is he?? 
Well actually, he's a top qualified specialist in her condition.

We have just had our tax credits stopped - 

Why - 
Official Verdict - because my son is not in education
HE is not in education because he is living in the Teenage cancer unit receiving copious amounts of chemo and awaiting a bone marrow transplant to save his life

Official Verdict -Rules are rules......we stop the credit to ensure parents encourage their children into work and/or education

I can tell you, he had his apprenticeship all set up, I can actually prove it, I have paperwork....

Official Verdict - Rules are rules and they cant be changed just because your son has cancer
I can't help noticing - Rules are only rules....  when you are British and have worked most of your life....I think I shall change my name to something more European, then I will be laughing (and wealthy) or ask someone of my age who is fit and healthy and has never worked a day in their life- "how'd ya do it??"

And if you want to suggest I write to my Prime Minister , I did.

I received a letter back saying he is too busy to answer my letter.
Yep, too busy trying to give 200 million to India...who has a space programme and who didn't even want our money anyway?!? 

Give me strength! 
Oh and by the way Cameron and Co, you can stick you money up your .....

My greatest wish is this:

when my son is better I hope I can get a job in a descent country and get the f**k out of here.


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