Week 5 in the Hospital Begins

Today marks the 4 week anniversary since we moved into to hospital and began the relapse protocol.

In a weird way it seems like forever.
We've quickly got stuck into our home and hospital routines. 

My husband and I are missing each other though. I guess its a sign of a nice relationship, I miss his hugs, I miss watching TV together and having a glass of wine and tea together.

I miss my life but ultimately I miss my peace of mind the most.

Whether were home or hospital I'm always in a semi-state of worry, which fluctuates wildly between mild angst to raving terror. Something as simple as Brett's temperature going up a few degrees sends me internally spinning.

Intensive chemo is just what they 'say on the tin', intensive!

Hes already had one serious trip to intensive care and when it was over and calming down I couldn't help but think that no wonder the doctors say its 50/50

If the cancer doesn't get you, the treatment might.
But what's the option?

This is not the time to dwell, distraction is the order of the day, for him as well as me.
We will get through this, each day gets us closer to the ultimate goal

Brett home, cancer free, healthy and getting back on with his life with all this shit, way, way behind us. 


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