Law of attraction and cancer

As my followers know, I really believe in the law of attraction.
This causes big problems between my son and I because, as a newly relapsed cancer teen, he believes it's a load of rubbish.

I suspect the conflict is a similar experience for cancer parents who have firm religious beliefs.

Your teenager doesn't share your beliefs and will mock them at any given opportunity.
Personally, it doesn't bother me, I can't imagine what goes through these teens heads.
Child and teen cancer Is so unfair,I don't blame him for discounting everything I believe in but it doesn't stop me believing.
I have even had some funny looks from the other parents in our cancer ward.
Law of attraction sounds ridiculous from a parent of teen cancer BUT it's my belief.

I DO believe there is a power that we communicate with through our feelings.
I DO believe that we have to see things already done and feel the good emotions that go with that visualisation.
But unlike most law of attraction masters, I DON'T believe it's the whole story. I believe there is more to it.

My son was extremely happy go lucky and fun loving and lucky (he always won in competitions).
He didn't attract this cancer to him.
I lived with him, I know he didn't. He was never down or negative or expecting the worst. Totally the opposite.

So it leaves me with the quest to find the other pieces to the puzzle of life.

Yes, yes, yes the law of attraction is an amazing tool and should be used constantly, but it's my belief there's more to it (life) then just loa.

And I am going to find the rest of the puzzle pieces x


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