Do Not Watch The Mind Movies

We have been brought up in a society that tells us that:
Sort out our thoughts as this enables us to control our feelings.

In a way this is true but a lot of people have massively missed the point.
For example, therapy is designed to help us revisit a bad experience thereby enabling us to release the bad feelings associated with that time. 
But this method very often just doesn't work.
What we really need to do is control our minds, full stop!
This is how I get through living with my sons cancer everyday.
You just don't look at the bad stuff. 
You don't give it your time and you definitely don't look at the mind movies your brain is playing about how this could end.

Because when the mind is negative or frightened it isn't going to show happy endings is it? 
No, it shows all the bad scenario's in vivid colour or sometimes you're mentally fighting battles that you may never get to actually fight in real life.

What's the point in these pretend mental role plays? 
Some people believe the mental process is useful as it helps us pre-pave the way and practise coping or handling something serious.

The truth is, this mental negative role play only evokes powerful negative emotions that are of no use to us now in our day to day life. 
In fact if you know of the Law of Attraction you already know that these negative emotions will actually manifest real reasons to feel that bad.

In my experience you don't need it, you don't need to practise the crap in life because when 'it' happens, you cope, honest!
We all cope, trust me.

So when life is particularly bad and the mind is having a field day showing how bad the situation really is and all the different ways the situation could pan out,what you need to do is to change or remove the pictures completely.
To do this you literally change your focus. Look at something else, watch the TV or look at a nice picture or photos, listen to an upbeat song, read a book or simply say out load 'NOPE! I'm not looking at that'.

Its the best tool I can possibly give you if your life has some (or all) elements of crap in them, just take your focus off the bad thing and put it on something else more enjoyable. 


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