Cancer mum quandary

Myself, my husband and my 13 year old daughter Poppy, have all had our blood tests with the bone marrow team to see if we are a match.
I lay on the bed thinking over and over again 'let it be me, please let me be the match"

It isn't an ego thing, I am not trying to be all Scarlett Ohara "I shall be the one to save my baby"
It's just to save my daughter going through anything else.

It's caused a strange sadness when we were told Poppy's the most likeliest chance, albeit 1/3 chance.

It feels wrong wishing my daughter to be the match and therefore have to go through more tests and then the bone marrow donor proceedures.
Shes bound to worry and be fearful and the procedures will bring her discomfort.
No mother would wish that on their child
If she is the match then that will be a great chance for Brett's survival.

Oh to be a cancer mum.


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