Bored Sad and Starving

I am going to moan.
This year was supposed to be our year.
Brett's cancer was gone so he was off to work and going out. - normality
We were going to focus more closely on Poppy, her hopes, her dreams, her ambitions and her follies.
We were also going to try and put more into our relationship (cancer parents relationships don't have great success rates - do you think your partner's annoying? try copious amounts of stress to show the cracks in your relationship)
Ultimately I was also going to work on me!
The writing, the smoking, lose weight, get fit.

Bloody bollocks - sorry but that's how I feel.

Now I'm just back to constantly panicking, feeling afraid, ridiculously rushing around and trying to plan home and hospital,
and I'm tired, so very very tired.

Plus I seem to have a new addiction.
This time to chocolate biscuits - I'm not kidding I'm on at least 10 a day.

Bloody bloody bloody hell.


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