Quitting Smoking Update

Its been 17 days since my last ciggie.

Not a lot has happened really. The withdrawal effects that I have had from the beginning have just remained the same for a few weeks.

Up until the two week mark it was pretty tough.
Tough is the wrong word.....I would say it was more annoying and tedious.

I've got sick of feeling sick if that makes any sense?

After the two week mark and for the last few days the side effects are still there just really mild and getting more imperceptible each day.
It's a really weird feeling experiencing the hard withdrawal symptoms getting weaker and weaker.
I feel like the giant and they are the little people rather than the other way round which is how its felt since the start.

When you quit smoking you do initially feel like David not Goliath but after two weeks it reverses. Sweet.

Symptoms seems to vary person to person but mine were generally:

achy restless legs
itching skin
headache / sinus ache
and bad PMT symptoms - tender boobs, water retention and irritability.

Put it this way - it hasn't stopped me living, it hasn't stopped me having fun and it hasn't took over my life. You do think about cigarettes constantly but it needn't be bad thoughts. I keep thinking "Yes I'm free, I've finally done it whoop whoop"

The fear of quitting smoking is a lot worse than actually doing it.

Just a bit of weight to lose now and I'm pretty much perfect ha ha


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