Life is shit

I haven't blogged for a while because my son,Brett, was taken slighty unwell.

Turns out it was his cancer coming back.
What a huge shitter,
Thats an understatement.

My son was about to start work and college, was going to take his driving test in the next couple of weeks. Our talks have been about the car he wants to buy, the parties he's been too, you know the normal stuff of life.

Now we're faced with Chemo, a central line being put back in, blood transfusions and finding a bone marrow match quickly.

We sit in the local hospital waiting for the big hospital in birmingham to get a bed and shout 'come on down'.

Everyone says be positive / like you have a choice.
But inside you are drowning in a sea of emotions that swirl around different levels of fear.

It'll be ok .... There is no other choice.


  1. Life is truly shit, and unfortunately there is nothing anyone can say to you to make it better, because you are inside your head, you are the one that is experiencing the emotions, and no there is no choice but to get on with it, you don't fall to pieces, you might want to but you don't because that is counter -productive. You are strong because you have to be... you're right; there is no other option.
    But get through it you will, and so will your son, you won once before and you'll win again.


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