Come On England

What a year we are having here in Blighty.

We've had the Queens Jubilee which was simply lovely.

The UK is preparing for the Olympics and the Olympic Torch is busily being passed from city to city - How sweet.

We've had a drought whilst having lots of flooding - Quite a feat I can tell you.

And now the England Football team are in the quarter finals of the Euro 2012

Eeeepp the excitement is really building around here.

Its lovely to be British. I like living in Great Britain. You've got to love coming from a country that has the word 'Great' in front of it.

I also enjoy being part of the United Kingdom too,but I want to know why am I not allowed to be English?

I can assure you if you're Scottish - we all will know about it, 
if you're Irish or Welsh, the world knows it - "Irish and proud" and why not?

But say you're English and everyone looks at you as if you've just said something racist.

I live in England, I was born in England, I pay English taxes, I speak English but apparently I am a resident of the UK.

Being a part of the UK shouldn't mean losing our heritage.

Wales, Ireland, and Scotland are lovely beautiful places with really interesting histories and with diverse proud people with lovely accents living there.

But So Is England.

I am fed up with having to brush my countries heritage under the carpet because its seems non-politically correct to honour the English.

So loud and proud I will stand up and support my football team, My Country and my heritage.....

Come on England !!!!


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