Voter Apathy

Today in England the local elections are taking place.
I am not voting for the first time in my life.

Actually not true I missed a couple of votes when I was stuck in hospital with my son's cancer but other than that I have always exercised my democratic right to vote.
Not this time I am done with this country's political leaders.

We always look disdainfully at the Mafia, the Triads and any members of organised crime but the political leaders of the western world are just as bad if not worse.
The political leaders SAY they are for the people but they're not - if you don't believe me just check out the expenses claims of the UK MP's..... such a huge shame they brought on my country.

David Cameron the current PM said in May 2010 he would bring immigration down to tens of thousands a year.
In February 2012 it hit an all time high of 250,00 a year.
And that's the people they know of: Trust me there are millions more that are here illegally.

Labour are no better they left this country with crushing debt.
Around a Trillion pound of debts to be exact.
The previous Labour chief secretary of the treasury left a message to the then newly appointed conservative secretary saying;

"I'm afraid to tell you there's' no money left"

His response was "it was meant to be a joke" ....ha ha....  God knows putting the UK on its knees was funny - Am I laughing (inside) honest

He is right. I get the point - this countries politics and leaders are indeed a joke.Why hasn't he and his colleagues been charged with treason?
After all, raping a country of all its assets must be deemed as "disloyalty to the crown"

He and his fellow party leaders should be awaiting trial - instead they are turning up as top executives in high profile businesses or on reality TV shows!

And please could someone tell me why we are still giving millions to other countries when we are in such a mess?
I'm not having a go at feeding starving countries.
No one should live in a country where obesity exists and not help starving people.

we give £9 billion per annum to Europe (why, when most of their poor people are moving here?)
we gave a further 17 billion pound to bail out International Monetary Fund???
we give £ 280 million per year to India - a country that can afford a space programme and we cant
we give £330 million pound a year for solar panels in Africa.

I'm not decrying any help to other countries but could we not get our own house in order first?

This country is on its knees and we still act like Rockefeller to the rest of the world.
If this country were a person you would say " stop wearing designers clothes to show off and stop living way outside your means and sort your debt out"

The leaders of this country live a champagne lifestyle when the commoners are struggling to pay the gas bill.
But at the end of the day the present day chancellor knew how to sort the problem ...... he lowered the tax for the rich and upped the tax on sausage rolls.....way to go.


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