Summers Here

The sun has got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray
The sun has got its hat on and its coming out to play.

All together now....

The sun came out from behind the rain clouds yesterday and already I have ordered and taken delivery of a new 6ft fence panel

Been out and bought a sun parasol and cast iron stand
I have got the garden furniture out of the garden and I have stood pondering for way too long over a BBQ set (this is my yearly summer ritual) buy or not to buy that is the question, parting with the money if it isn't going to be used is such sweet sorrow.

The big problem us English folk have is the small amount of time we have to enjoy the sun.
I mean this is on a par with being a top salesman - snooze you lose people.

I am the sergeant major of the family
'Get your lilly white legs out in that sun pronto left right left right left right'
Obviously with lashings of sun screen.

My boy has been told that he will always have to have full sun screen because of his risk of secondary cancers caused by the Leukaemia and the chemotherapy (yep the chemo too, you heard right, that's another blog for another day)

But for goodness sake the sun is out and the sky ...a smog like colour actually.
But there is pure vitamin D in that sun and to feel warmth on your sun is bliss. 
Everything looks better and feels a little better in the sun.


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