Quit Smoking Diary - First Day

My last cigarette was 10.22pm last night. 
This morning I woke up and heard the little voice in my head say 'are we really doing this?'

The first test came when a friend of mine came over for a morning cup of tea.
Tea gossip and I smoke. Well not today!! 
I'd like to be smug and cocky on how easy it was but to be truthful I bit her bleedin head off when she argued a point with me. 
It wasn't her day really was it? what with her friend quitting smoking and her getting her facts wrong.

Second test came when my husband called me at lunchtime. 
He calls me everyday and I go and have a fag outside whilst chatting on the phone to him.
I had the biggest craving wash over me. I was frantically trying to do my deep breathing and stay calm  'cravings go, just wait cravings go' I kept telling myself.

Unfortunately my husband thought he had called a wrong number albeit not a bad one as all he could hear was heavy breathing!! HA HA hubby...not!

I was not amused 'cheers for the support you asshole'
Our conversation only lasted about 2 minutes after that he had to rush back to work, I don't know why. 

Seriously though for any would be quitter:

I have had about four big cravings that have been squash-able with three deep slow breaths.
I feel a bit like I'm coming down with a cold but not ill.
I've already started coughing and my chest feels weird but not a bad weird.
I feel a little tired but that could be because England finally has some sunshine and my system could be reacting to that.
I have had more mental cravings that are the sad little 'I want a fag and can't have one' type whines. In which I answer - there's no such thing as one cigarette, do I want to smoke for the rest of my life?' which does get answered no. So shut up then.

That's it. That's all so far.

The worse feeling is the 'I'm out of my routine' type feeling and that will be controlled in time.


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