Kick Smokings Arse - Day Three

How gangster am I? Kicking smoking's arse.
Yippee Yo, Yippee Yay, brop brop...... and so on, old bean.

Day Three in the No Fag House

I am divorcing my husband and he is definitely getting custody of the kids.
I realise I am surrounded by annoying prats

Honest Evaluation of day Two -
Tonight I hit 72 hours fag free if I manage not to hit someone first...only joking.

Physically experiencing-
The aching, itching legs have gone (that was yesterday evening)
I had a huge headache this morning that went after paracetamols
I have had sinus ache today and a loose cough.
I have gone a little spaced out a times, not bad actually but it happened mid sentence twice. It was a "what was I saying?" moment 
I've also had a few strong cravings.

Two things that really freaked out my cravings:

First - 
3 big long slow breaths in and out.
Take in a large breath hold it for 5-8 seconds and then slowly release. Do as many as you need.
4 breaths normally make me feel high as a kite - Excellent!

Secondly - this is a weird one.
Last night I was so pissed off with craving poison I said this to myself in temper
"Why are you (meaning my own mind) still prattling on about smoking when we have quit? We are not smoking again, EVER so why are you still talking about it?"

Strangely enough it worked, there was this weird mental silence as my mind tried to answer the 'why' question. I stopped thinking about smoking. WEIRD

Although probably weirder to you all is my use of 'we' when referring to myself - But it is based on my belief of multiply internal dimensions, namely the mind, the body and the spirit.

Overall there is not a lot of pain and I am excited for all the future gains.
Ya hoo!!


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