I Think the Rabbit's Depressed

A side effect of this bad weather has been the negative effect its had on our garden. Warm air, lots of rain and lighter nights equals long grass

I keep expecting to find David Attenborough lying in the grass doing a documentary about natural untouched habitats.

We need to mow the lawn. Well when I see we, I mean the husband needs to mow the lawn.

And before any of you feminists start getting your non-sexy knickers in a twist Yes I believe its his job to do the gardening.

That isn't a gender stereotypical job role specification its because if he didn't garden his contribution to this house would be ZERO.
Other than taking the bins out (when prompted) ....sorry honey.

I have to report he has been positively reluctant to the point of sheer refusal about going out and doing the lawn.
"What's the matter with you? I thought you were a man?" I said this week
"But is lashing down with rain?" Came his laughing response
"We have a power break on the mower plug what's you're problem?" I said to the back of his head as he walked off.

Apparently a power break wouldn't stop his electrocution ... oh puh leaseeee and when I said "what about the rabbit? she's getting depressed" he laughed so hard he choked on his coffee.

I may have to call the RSPCA, animal neglect indeed.

My little rabbit loves running free in the garden. Husband says she nearly a hundred years old and isn't running anywhere any more.
I don't think that's a valid argument. 
Granted she just about hobbles from her hutch three metres and flops under the trampoline but she still deserves garden freedom.

When I open the hutch door she eagerly looks at me in excited anticipation and when I don't let her out she sits sadly back down. 

She's been so sad, she's even been off her carrots.

Hubby says I really need to stop procrastinating about the rabbit and get on with my writing jobs (they admittedly are mounting up) but forgive me for looking after my little fluff ball.

I replied to hubby 
"I'm not asking for a PA I just need someone to mow the f****ing lawn" 

Look at this little cutie, how could anyone make her stay in a hutch? - rain is only a little bit of water after all.



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