I Don't Trust Doctors and Never Will

I met up with an old work colleague yesterday to have a general catch up.
We used to work at the same company before I had to leave to care for my son with cancer.
She has since moved on to a different company and I have moved nowhere except to hell and back.

Our chatter got on to 'lady issues' and she asked why I hadn't referred my issues to a doctor as she is awaiting a surgery appointment for a similar issue.
I answered "Oh no way! I don't trust doctors any more and will only see one when I seriously have too".
She was astonished and said "But you've just spent 3 and half years in the hospital system and you've been seeing doctors almost daily?"
I replied quietly "and that's why"

She looked puzzled yet didn't enquire any further. I'm thinking she didn't want to know the reason why because it may have scared her and on some level we both knew that.

I don't trust doctors!

I have literally seen the good, the bad, and the down right dangerous! Ugly would have been a vast improvement on them.

At the hospitals we frequented we weren't allowed to see the lowest of the low 

i.e the killers that had just came out of med school called Doctors. 
We always had to see the level above them.
Holy Crap! if that's the level above, then god help the patients that were allowed to see the lower level.....

Anyway - I have seen doctors do many bad things loosely including: failing to find a vein in my son, failing to follow their own beloved protocols, failing to listen to anyone who isn't a doctor and failing to just act quickly enough.

I have also seen doctors lie, cheat and abuse each other.
Doctors are very normal individuals who make mistakes, they get it wrong (yet would never own up to that) and are often more short sighted then Mr Magoo but yet somehow have a hugely inflated ego and think they are GOD.

True to some extent - they are god! because they often choose whether we mere mortals live or die.

"Don't give the treatment to them , they are fat, they smoked once, they were drug users once or simply....
they are over 75....."

Doctors receive the same contempt from me as politicians do and for the exact same reasons:

They are out for themselves and their personal progression.

Their Ego's are often way out of control

They do not listen to anyone and think they are always right yet,

They are not always right..........(and this one I know from personal experience)

And if it goes wrong.....its never, ever their fault.



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