Equality & Diversity Dyslexia Lip Service

My lovely friend has had a really bad day today at the hands of a training course designed to teach about Equality & Diversity.

The irony is that the course failed to deliver for her because of her silent disability.
My lovely friend has severe Dyslexia.

Her job is an enabler and a support worker for groups of people with severe physical and mental disabilities so they may attended basic education programmes.

The course she attended was an in-house training for the tutors and support workers.

The person running the course was on a time limit as the training was a days worth of training which was crammed into 3 hours.

He failed to do the basics as in: pre-teaching/assess the understanding of the key vocabulary for the session, check his induction papers to ascertain which of his learners had additional learning needs and to ensure that his learners were understanding the concepts he was teaching throughout the training.(I was a qualified trainer once upon a time in a life far far away)

It seems he didn't particularly give a F***.

And yes yes yes the session of training was about equality & diversity !!!

My friend is a very capable mother of 3 children. She holds down 2 jobs and on a verbal level she is totally intelligent, wonderfully articulate and funny.

She just cannot read and write very well. She loves reading but those bother some words keep getting up and walking off the page. 

She cannot spell her children's full names because they have shortened the names and that is the version she remembers and she forgets her house number when panicking and trying to recite her address to official type people. (amongst other horrible side effects of the condition)

And to top it all her condition is the biggest bitch on the planet to spell.
Who on earth thought of using DYSLEXIA to describe people who can't read or write well???

A condition by the way that people with Dyslexia cannot help. It is a different brain function type thing NOT stupidity nor laziness as it was once believed to be.

Anyway, long story short, my lovely friend left the training room after 1 hour 30 minutes. She always tells a trainer she is severely Dyslexic because she isn't ashamed of something she can not help and this trainer said OK and then preceded to walk all over her and ignore her needs.

She didn't understand a word he was saying yet when I broke the vocabulary  down with her tonight and took away all the 'posh speak' it was a realisation of the terminology of the very things she does in her daily job every single day.

She is immensely popular within her work place because she is brilliant at what she does.

Isn't it sad, she has cried tonight because she didn't understand a training programme that was trying to teach her what she already does exceptionally well and she feels bad because she couldn't read the hand out sheet or the slide show presentation.

You can't teach grandma to suck eggs/ and you mustn't be an over educated ponce who cant connect nor understand Equality & Diversity especially when that's your training field.

Equality & Diversity shouldn't be a trendy politically correct statement it should be a work in action.


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