What Did I Say?

Today my household is glum.

Nothing important really apart from our local football team looks like it might be relegated to a lower league. We have to win today and other teams have to lose to enable our team to stay up, apparently.

I have listened to hours of internal punditry in this house, what formation the players have played, the manager's decisions, the boardrooms lack of money to buy better players, the clubs owners being as trustworthy as the goods that you buy from the back of a lorry. 
I have tried to help by added such comments as "isn't it just about the fact you haven't won as many games as the other teams?" But so far I have been ignored.

Today as my husband and the two children got ready to go to the game I decided to set them off with one of my finest uplifting speeches. 
I had thought long and hard about what to say, after all I wouldn't want them to lose heart and stop going next season because I love the football.

Football is a very important part of this countries fine heritage. It's important that the fans enjoy that sense of camaraderie, OK I'll cut the crap waffle, 
I love football because ........I get the house to myself!!!!!! freedom, peace and quiet, do as I please yes, yes, yes.

Anyway back to this morning, this was near enough the content of my speech;

"I just want to say how proud I am of you all, 
at least I know your not glory chasers like those people that follow all the good teams.
Never mind if you do go down think how nice it will be to see all those different and new teams from the lower league.
Chin up it could be worse the club could be in receivership.
You never know the ticket prices could go down now.
Just remember, above all, its only a game"

After all my hard work being perky, the three of them simply looked at each other, huffed and left in silence.

What did I say wrong?


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