Teenage boys with cancer DO MISS their hair

One of my biggest gripes during our cancer experience was the incessant stream of generalisations that swirled around.

One of which was the fact that teenage boys don't mind losing their hair through treatment.

From personal experience this is utter rubbish.

Girls are soothed, encouraged and helped to find good fitting, realistic wigs and quite rightly so.

Boys are told to wear a hat and laughingly have throw-away comments made such as "at least you won't have to worry about washing your hair now!"

This was hurtful for us because at the time my son lost his hair it was part of his identity. He had long shoulder length shaggy hair that fell over his eyes and most of his face (as was the fashion).

If the cancer had struck when he was younger it might not have bothered him so much BUT it is horrible for anyone, at any age, to have to walk down the street with no hair.

Going to any public place meant nothing but long stares from morons.

Children don't bother much at all. One quick look and they're done. Grown ups on the other hand grrrrrrrr.

That's not fair, some grown ups would smile at my son or say 'Hello' which was nice from a stranger but alas, it was not the norm.

The norm was wide eyed stares.

I had many an experience of wanting to hit people in the face and I'm not violent at all. My son handled it great he would smile and say 'yeah its cancer' 
which shocked most people straight out of their stares.

But generally hair loss is gross. It is an outward representation of the internal fight you're having. It tells the world 'You're sick!' and its not the worlds business.

So for any boy who IS bothered he is losing his hair, this is for you:

My son found the beenie type hats were more comfortable than heavier type hats, make sure they're more cotton based than nylon because they don't itch as much then. 

Baseball caps are good too but get a bigger size and then tighten it because it gives you more fabric to cover your head.
But above all, don't worry about going 'bare' in public.
If some idiot stares at you ignore them or say something, stick your tongue out, blow a raspberry at them but remember you are doing great!

If your hair has fell out it proves your treatment IS working. 
If its killing hair follicles its killing cancer too. 
And I honestly think people stare because they are in awe of you. 
Superhero and only a teenager....quite a feat!


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