Strange Weeks Holiday

We have been enjoying a weeks holiday. The children are off school and hubby's off work. 
We had decided to go and see the sea. This is mainly my influence. I love the sea, well, looking at it with a coffee in my hand I wouldn't want you all to think I'm crazy about water sports. I'm not that sporty.(proof of that later on)

We decided mid week that we just couldn't be bothered. We live in the central area of England so to get to the nearest water in any direction is about a 3-4 hour drive (that's as long as there's no road works which in this country is as likely as the petrol prices going down)

Any ho, instead, I thought it would be nice to have a quiet relaxing week. Visit some of the lovely local places of interest then eat home cooked food as a family and after tea, enjoy playing some family games together.

Such nice ideology what could go possibly wrong? 

Well, firstly I forgot that we have two teenagers to whom 'home cooked food' is a seen as a punishment.
Secondly, we still are trying to get rid of old carpentry tools and Mil's tea sets and knick knacks and I forgot that I had sent a hundred emails out to dealers so, oddly enough, I had spent this week missing lots of important calls.
Thirdly, I remember why we stopped family punch up/games night.
My teenagers seem to morph from super competitive to grumpy in a milli-second.
That's if they can actually agree on what game to play in the first place.

I didn't realise at the start of last nights games that I would be a force of distraction so powerful that I would to be able to unite them.

We were playing the Wii tennis game. I was playing my daughter and so engrossed was I that I instinctively ran for the ball. OK maybe I'm a little competitive too.

Whilst going for the ball I went over on my ankle which hurtled me at full pelt towards my son who was sitting watching us at the time. To protect himself he kind of pushed me and I ended up sprawled over the table.
The sounds of laughter started echoing around the room at the exact moment that I was realised my ankle was in terrible agony and I had pains shooting up my leg.
I hobbled over to the kitchen to be met by my concerned husband who was biting his lip trying not to join in the laughter.
He squeaked "are you alright?" to which I replied "get it over with" and he then also exploded in mirth.

I sit here today aching. Though I wonder if it's my ego or my leg that's hurting most?

Tonight I am planning to hide the Wii remotes and have a bottle of wine and a takeaway instead.

'The family that plays together stays together' Well whoever wrote that famous quote hadn't met my family.


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