Power is always available.

I've been doing a lot of research for my book because my experience in life has shown me how really powerful we all are but it generally happens back to front.

I was a life coach and I had lots of tools to help me when my life hit the fan but in truth, none of them worked or could ever work.

You can't get strength from a book or from someone but you get it in an instant when you really need it.
How? - I'm buggered if I knew how, but it happened and in an instant. And not just to me I watched loads of other parents change virtually in front of my eyes.
I have had a lot of 'How DID I Do That?' conversations in the cancer units.

Parents have to face so much and very quickly.
Men who can't face vomit one minute, cope fine the next.
Women who struggle to have a doctor take a second to answer her questions and concerns at the first meeting find he wouldn't dare not in the next meeting.
Anything that was once a challenge becomes a walk in the park when real bad times happen.

Me? I was so squeamish that I passed out when I saw the sight of blood, I once fainted during the film 'Braveheart' I am still teased about how squeamish I was but a few days into treatment and I had my sons blood transfusion wires draped over my leg.
The next three years were nothing but blood transfusions, blood tests and surgeries but there was no problem for me. Unbelievable.

People are ridiculously powerful.

Our power is there in a crisis, in an instant.

Never say you cant cope because you can....honest.


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