Law Of Attraction really???

The one reoccurring subject I keep coming back to is Law of Attraction (LOA) -    

I knew about the law of attraction years ago as I studied it as part of my life coach training but never really got a grip on it as much as the more science based tools such as NLP.

During my sons cancer LOA infuriated me. 
How dare someone suggest that we attracted this awful thing to us?
So enraged was I, that I once threw a LOA book across my living room so hard it dented the wall.
But every time I would come back to it.
I knew I needed to make peace with this very powerful tool.
I don't know if we attract all the crap that comes to us, maybe there is some part of our lives that contains a plan we set up before coming down to earth and yes I have to chosen to believe that because that option feels better to me.
I do know, however, that LOA works. 
I haven't won the lottery yet but slowly and surely things have started happening just as I said they would.

'Said' is the wrong way of putting it - you feel your way.

This process yet again proves my point about how futile our minds really are.
Its our feelings that are really powerful.

Law of attraction states:
that which is like unto itself, is drawn

Everything in the universe including ourselves are all vibration.
We are vibrational beings who attract things by the power of our feelings.
Bad feelings are low vibration and good feelings are high vibration.

If you find this hard to swallow just think about the days when everything goes wrong. You get up late, miss the bus, your boss has a go at you and then you turn to your colleague and say "today just isn't my day"

then throughout the day things go from bad to worse, you spill your coffee you have a row with your partner and you spend the whole time thinking nothing will improve until tomorrow because 'today just isn't my day'.
Notice how the bad things keep on coming? or it that coincidence?

Ok then same goes for a good day.
You wake up refreshed, make it to work with plenty of time, your boss gives you a pat on the back for some good work and you turn to your colleague and say "today is my lucky day". and all that day everything goes right.
Still coincidence?

No, its LOA in action.
And yes I struggled with the concept too but the more you try this process the more you see its not only true, but it can be worked in your favour.

We all attract by feeling not by thought. 
So to begin playing with this process just follow these guidelines for the next few days:

Anything you don't like - stop thinking about it and think of something you do like.
Also start thinking about all the things you would love to have and feel how great it would be to have them.

More on this later in the week.


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