I'm Back

A big thank you for the patience my follows have shown, especially the ones via Amazon, But fear not I am back....well nearly.
The house is completely emptied and is in the process of redecoration and new carpets being fitted etc

I have never been a land lady before so I have spent ages trawling the internet learning about the safety checks and certificates you have to get. Well I use the words 'have to' loosely because apparently a lot of landlords flout the laws and don't have the checks done.

Excuse me !?!?! Forget the law, what about the people you're putting into that house, don't they deserve a safe environment to live in?

Granted the checks are costly and time consuming, and did I mention costly but there is no way I could NOT complete the checks.
I couldn't sleep at night knowing the gas or electricity in the house wasn't safe. I'm even tempted to have my own house checked.

I have also spent hours and hours cleaning the house, that's my final present to MIL, I know she would have wanted the house to be handed over spotless.

My house, on the other hand,looks like a complete and utter bomb site. We collected the things were thought were worth something and cleared the rest out.

It is sad that a few piles of boxes represents what WE feel is of any value.
But hows does anyone value a life?

All I know is she had a great life, she loved, she lost, she smiled, she laughed and boy! did she party.


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