How did you get that?

I have informed my parents that I am sorting through their house shortly.
I'm not being mean and no, its not because I think they're on the verge of dying, its because clearing someones house throws up far more questions than answers.

For Example:

 This is a wardens hat worn during the second world war.
My father in law was a warden in the second world war so no mystery there. Although it wasn't his actual hat. 
His was damaged badly during one particular air raid and he acquired this one from someone else ???? yeah, we could have asked questions but it would of been rude: 'so does that mean he nicked it?' 
 I doubt it, dubious deals were a way of life, after all there was a war on.

But this, this is weird.

It is a propeller from a second world war plane.
Half a propeller to be exact. It was made by a company called Cranfield who, we found after a lot of internet research, are an American company.
How did they get it?
Why did they want it?
Why an American and not a British propeller? 
I'm not being patriotic I'm just thinking geography, my mother and father in law never left the country. 
So how, who, where did they get it?

The puzzle is driving me insane. And I will NEVER know.

Mother prepare to have your cupboards ransacked and then if I need answers your here to give them me. 


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