Enjoy Easter, We Will

I'm not religious in the traditional sense but I have always liked Easter.
Not for the abundance of chocolate Easter eggs, although they do add to the general good feeling of the day.
I like Easter because of how it represents fresh starts and new beginnings.
Now I'm not going wax lyrical about the true meaning of Easter because I will probably get it wrong and have loads of religious groups on my back telling me off.

I like to think that in the midst of life's events and follies it is possible to have a instant 'new start' experience.

It seems eerily fitting that by today, Mil's house is being occupied by a fresh new young family. Her house will be filled with the sounds of happiness, love and laughter again.
And although we are still a family who are grieving her loss, we can finally achieve the quiet grieving that is so badly needed.

It is impossible to grieve someones loss in the midst of the madness. The planning funerals, seeing solicitors, clearing cleaning and renovating their home. It's too frantic and busy to think about even day to day stuff.
Opening the garage bought a 'bloody hell' from my husband and I, because it was filled with so much of their 'life' stuff. 
Tools, garden chairs, glass jars of different screws and nails, the bamboo poles from when they used to grow vegetables in their garden and on and on. 
You just have take a big breathe and get stuck in to clear it all. But that's not grieving, that's sad, yet hard work.

Today, its nice to know we're nearly finished.

One more skip to clear what's left of the rubbish and the house is finished.
One dealer is needed to buy all her 'treasures.' the tea sets, vases and teapots etc and one tool dealer is need to buy his old carpentry tools. 
And that's us done.
All that's left then is looking through all the pictures and hearing the many funny stories that they all shared during their life before me.
That'll be nice.

Tonight we are having some family over for a 'bit of a do'. I like Easter because its one of the few days we get to stop playing the game of life and just have fun with our fellow players.

Happy Easter to you all.x


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