Antique Toaster for Sale?

After contacting a few antique dealers we have discovered the MIL's most prized possessions aren't really worth much.
The average price is an auction estimate of around £30-40 per item.
Obviously you have to bear in mind that at auction things can go higher and lower, so its a bit of a risk.

The weirdest situation for me is around the antique toaster.

The auction houses can't sell it because its electrical !! 
Its due to health & safety regulations. What the !?!?!?!?

This toaster was made in the early 1950's, I think, because the only model I've found so far is in a museum.
I think health & safety has gone barmy in this country. 

What am I supposed to do with it? It's in excellent condition and with the original box.
Surely no one would buy a 1950's toaster to use? It would be a kitchen feature or something? 
So I am left with a lovely vintage toaster that's only fit for scrap, what a shame.


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