So Much Appreciation for Normal Tuesday

For the past 3 1/2 years I have literally hated Tuesday's, because they were the weekly cancer clinic days.

Actually, I wish that was true but really, everyday has been cancer clinic day.
Tuesday's were the 'relatively feeling OK' cancer clinic day.

This normally meant a rushed Monday evening getting everything ready for the next day. In particular it was about organising my daughter, as we left so early, I had to ensure that every eventuality was covered.
It also meant dragging my poor parents out of bed at an ungodly hour so they could come and look after our daughter as we reluctantly left for the hospital in the dark.We had to be at the hospital by 8:15-8:30 and rush hour traffic in a major city is never fun.

Tuesdays meant having a long list of questions ready for the top consultant that we saw then, but instead it very often meant some horrid change had taken place and my questions flying out the window whilst I tried to absorb the latest snippet of information.
Worst of all, it meant theatre. Lumber punctures, bone marrow tests, the curse of the wayward cannula's. Pain, discomfort, fear and worry and for goodness sake we were only watching, Its our son that had to endure.

Anyway that's gone now, Tuesday's are still cancer clinic day but only at our local little hospital, and only every 4 weeks.
4 weeks ekkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the joy and freedom.

The worst my son has to endure now is a blood test and a light-heartedly 'telling off' for putting weight on. He has doubled his body weight since last August and is still is within healthy guidelines. He's not even overweight.

The irony is, that he was told off for years for losing weight (which he couldn't help as it turned out to be the effects of the chemo) and now he's being told to stop putting weight on.
The nice thing is, no doctor has been able to tell him off without a huge grin on their face.

This evening I am 'home alone.'
The husband and the two kids have gone to watch the local football team play.
I have been basking in the peace and quiet.

I have made a chili, pottered in the kitchen, listened to some music but mostly I have been unable to keep the grin off my face.
No, its not the wine, its because its great being...well....normal.

I have so much appreciation for everyday normal.
Life is so wonderful when you have no impending doom on the horizon.

Even though its been 6 months now, since the abrupt end of treatment (you know, the he was dieing from chemo thing) I still cant over the wonderment of real life.

Everyday gives me new hope with an added sense of excitement, just because I can.
In fact I'm starting to get a little bored ....yeah right! only joking.


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