Facebook Dilemma

I have just had a facebook request that I am really not sure what to do about.
No, its not from some stranger or a freak its worse than that,
Its from my son.

I hope I'm not the only parent that feels like this but I'm not sure I want access to my sons facebook.

It feels a bit like reading his diary when he's at school.
Not that I do that, in fact I don't even think he has a diary. After all, he doesn't need to, he has facebook.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm so worried about. 
Maybe its the thought of him posting a comment or status type thing (still struggling with the whole concept of facebook) and someone saying something mean back to him.

If one of his 'friends' says something nasty, do I jump in and defend my son? Do I post a comment back to this kid? for example:

'What would your mother say if she saw what you'd just written? and you've used a grammatically incorrect sentence,you've used a double negative.'

'Hi Sweetie, its i before e except after c, remember'

'tut tut tut, well aren't we all suffering with a large case of potty mouth here today. why don't you all stop the foul language and concentrate on your vocabulary's'

And then what if my son says something bad to someone else? Do I ground him for using a sexist or derogatory remark to a young lady? 

And what if he asks a girl out and her last status was about getting drunk, vomiting in a bush and losing her top? 
Do I post a comment saying 'she's not the girl for you sweetie, find a nice respectable one'?

Oh what if they date and I then have access to her facebook page?
OMG, I would see what they get up to, comments from her friends, when they fall out, comments from her friends,....its all too much.

No no I'm being silly, most parents would be honoured to have a facebook request from their teenagers, No no I shall calm down and gratefully accept.

It'll be fine.

Mind you, he then has access to MY facebook page......isn't that a bit intrusive?


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