A Right To-Do

Spent most of yesterday trying to work down my 'telling every company she's died' list. 
But, by the time I'd finished the list, it was longer than before I started.
Why is it so hard to sort out peoples affairs when they have died?
Many organisations all want the exact same documentation.
Surely in this day and age of technology and computers it should be possible to put the information centrally and have everyone access it.

The subject of to-do lists is quite poignant.
Whilst going through MIL's paperwork we came across a piece of paper with our names on the top.
MIL had written a list of things to-do when she had passed.
So organised was she, it contained all her bank details, pension details, funeral insurance claim form, she had even circled the telephone numbers we had to ring.

Whilst my husband and I were quite taken a back by this and laughing at the to-do list, our daughter walked into the room and innocently said
'Blimey, she's dead and she's still bossing you around'

Yeah, that was MIL.xxx


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