Registering sadness

Finally, were able to register mother in laws death today.
The registry office is a lovely place, its a mediaeval building that oozes heritage. 
There were tiny new born babies all tucked up snugly in their prams, whilst their proud parents registered their arrival. 
There was a very happy loved up couple who had gone in to arrange their marriage ceremony who could not stop smiling at each other and then there was a few couples, like us, who looked simply grey and miserable holding their cause of death certificates in hand.
It was like the circle of life being played out in one reception area.

Dying on a Friday is not convenient in England, as the whole country seems to shut down over the weekend.
Most families want to get going with the funeral preparations. I know it sounds heartless but 'that' awful day is best gotten over and done with.
We are determined MIL's funeral will be a celebration of her life, that is what she wanted but most funerals are a day of overwhelming sadness during a public display of emotion.
Totally not English and absolutely against our grain.

We're off to arrange the funeral this afternoon. 

The past few days have been spent trying to remember the throw away type remarks MIL had said about her funeral. 
She wants colours and no black - I remember this because I had joked 'Oh, I look good in black' and Mil had replied 'Tough'

She also had once mentioned a hymn she particularly likes. It was an unusual one and was Olde English type. You know, the ones that go 'ye art thou...'
I have spent hours trawling the internet....There are hundreds of 'thou art thou' type hymns. I cannot find the one she meant.

So, that's the first failure, lets hope there aren't many more, 


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