My Healthy Lifestyle Nearly Killed Me

After my recent spates of illness I have decided to go on a health campaign.
Its goes like this:
I am reducing my drinking
I am only eating home prepared and cooked meals made from fresh produce
I am quitting all sugar/sweeteners in my coffee
I am quitting fizzy pop and replacing with water
I am going to take exercise every day
I shall take a quality multivitamin everyday
I shall prepare my mind to quit smoking

Well I have to say it hasn't started very well at all.

My first cup of coffee this morning (minus the sugar/sweeteners ) was so disgusting I nearly spat in out. 'No no persevere dear heart ' I told myself gently.

I had decided to go for a brisk walk this morning as part of the exercise plan, but my daughter was ill and had to stay off school, so that ruined that plan.

Then, to top it all, I decided to take a multi vitamin and subsequently choked on it.
I was standing at the kitchen sink gasping for breath whilst simultaneously  banging my ribs off the sink in the hope of dislodging it.

I threw up and it popped out.

As I stood there trying to regain my breath I thought - To die from taking a multi vitamin would be tragic and the worse part would be that everyone would laugh about it.


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