Healthy Eating Nearly Killed the Kids

As per the previous blog, I am now choosing to buy, prepare and cook the healthiest food I can get.

Last nights menu was the good old traditional English roast dinner.
Easy peasy pudding and pie - (that's just a saying - no puddings or pie thank you - being healthy)

So I slave over a hot stove all afternoon. 
I'm chopping, chopping, chopping, peeling, peeling, roasting.

It took ages, OMG its so much easier opening a bag of frozen veg and chucking it in water.
I even made proper gravy from scratch and that is something I only even do on Christmas Day but its healthier that gravy granules with all those additives.
Any ho I eventually have a beautiful work of art that is this dinner.

And what does son do?

Glug copious amounts of BBQ sauce all over it....

I mean.....Come On!!!!


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