Funeral Clown

Hubby has graciously allowed me to release his biggest gaff so far.
Yesterday, during MIL's funeral the chapel was so full that some had to wait outside.

There were enormous amounts of tears which unfortunately turned into tears of laughter aimed at my husbands expense.
The service was everything you could wish for, graceful, demur, elegant and theatrically somber, that was until our row stood up to leave.
Being the closest kin we were instructed to leave first.
Which gave the signal to the rest of the congregation to follow.

My son, daughter, and I left the pews and as I turned to console my husband he was in the midst of a full trip. 
I caught him and then gave him one of my wifely stares of 'behave and not now!!' type looks.
At the same time he looked back to see what he had tripped over, turned forwards and tripped again.

This was all too much for the rest of the congregation who could no longer contain their mirth.
MIL's funeral ended with chuckles of laughter rippling around the chapel. 
I shook the ministers hand with tears rolling down my face but not of sadness, no! tears of laughter -

It's little wonder the world struggles to understand English humour, its because we laugh at strange things at even stranger times!


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